The Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership: A National Pollen Count.

Despite the high incidence of allergic rhinitis and asthma, Australia is one of the few developed countries without a national pollen count program. The Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership will establish the inaugural national pollen monitoring program. Access to this information has potential to reduce the social, medical and financial burden of allergic respiratory disease.


The Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership research team requires engagement and funding contributions from partner organizations including peak professional bodies, government and non-government organizations, philanthropic and industry partners, engaged in meeting needs of allergy and respiratory patients.

If you or your organisation is in a position to be able to join the Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership please contact Dr Janet Davies to discuss engagement options and contributions.


Establishing the first national co-ordinated and standardized pollen monitoring network of Australia


To apply new innovative approaches to measure subtropical compared with temperate grass pollen sources and allergen content within pollen collected at each pollen monitoring site


The APAP team is a multi-centre cross-disciplinary team of investigators including eminent allergy physicians and scientists.


We need your help to make the National Pollen Count a reality.